Nessan J. Ronan

Our Forever Friend

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Picture of Coole Park just outside Gort
on the road to Galway,Ireland

A Tribute to

Professor Nessan J. Ronan.

March 1946- Sept 2007  

Coole park was where he took his friends
It was his joy until the end
To stroll along the wooded trails.
While reminiscing or telling tales .
To stop and glare at the big oak trees .
Or those copper beech that stood for years .
He would tell you the story of this famous place .
Or read the inscriptions on the various name plates.
He would salute to a stranger he met there before .
For his manner was always to never ignore .
Then down to the lake to his favorite seat .
We would chat of our school days as if it was our first meet .
Or talk of our Parent’s who are now long past and gone.
Or joke about childhood and the things we had done.
He would speak of his Wife Kay and children at length .
That love that he gave them knew never an end .
On his last days with us he never forgot .
It was to Coole  for that walk no matter what .
Nessan you have taken your last walk in Coole .
So now cool dude you walk with God .
In the forest of life they call Heaven .
So until we all meet again be cool.
Never ever forgotten.

The late Nessan Ronan was a Professor of accountancy at the
National University of Lesotho.
He had extensive experience in accountancy theory and worked
for over 40 years for
organizations in Europe and Africa.
In teaching,research,consultancy and book writing.

Nessan specialized in forensic accounting and corporate governance.
He is sadly missed by all who knew him.

A stolen moment away from the Hospital
 with his Wife Kathleen.

Back Row: Irish Ambassador to Lesotho His Excellency Paddy Fay his wife Dee and their Son Niall.
Front Row:  Dr Garrett Fitzgerald, Professor Nessan Ronan.
Photo taken in Lesotho 2007.

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Nessan's wife Kathleen and myself recently visited Lesotho to wind up his affairs and while
we were there we had the great pleasure to meet a wonderful lady called Mrs Dee Fay.
She is the wife of the Irish Ambassador to Lesotho.
All her time is spent looking after the orphans of Lesotho, building orphanages,clothing and feeding
them and giving them an education.
She really needs your help to keep this work going so if you can see your way to
donate a little it will be very much appreciated.

P.S. We would like at this stage to thank
The Ambassador Mr Patrick Fay and his wife Mrs Dee Fay for all the help and support
they gave to us while we were there.
We would not have been able to bring to a closure Nessan's affairs without their help.
We will never forget you both for all your kindness to us.

Kathleen Ronan -  Pat Ronan

Nessan chatting with Dr Garrett Fitzgerald in Lesotho 2007

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